Медицинский центр Санкт-Петербурга – медцентр ОДОНТ
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Время работы 09:00-21:00 пн-вс
Вызов врача на дом до 14:00 пн-вс
Процедурный каб. пн-пт 08:30-20:00,
сб 09:00-16:00, вс 09:00-15:00
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About «Medical Centre Odont»

Quality medicine with us makes all the difference!
Dear colleagues, counterparts, friends!
Welcome to our website!
Since 1998 «Medical centre Odont» has been providing qualified assistance in the field of:
  • Dentistry Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Outpatient Services
All «MC Odont » clinics are provided with state-of- the art diagnostic and medical equipment, which along with high expertise of our medical staff ensures not only quality treatment but also maximum comfort.
Our high-qualified professionals monitor the achievements of contemporary medicine, actively participate in seminars and workshops, successfully put into practice new methods of diagnosis and treatment .High expertise of our staff as well as a tailor-made approach to every patient is a distinguishing feature of Medical Centre Odont.
To make our services and facilities more affordable we have enabled a flexible system of discounts and various forms of payment into our pricing policy.
Medical Centere Odont
«Medical Centre Odont» location:
  1. Multi-branch clinic department, metro station Sadovaya /Sennaya , 44 Kazanskaya st ., direct line 8 (812) 327-22- 11.
  2. Dental and beauty clinic, metro station Moskovskaya ,43 Varshavskaya st., direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44.
  3. Dental clinic, metro station Novocherkasskaya , 37 Bolsheokhtinsky pr., direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44
  4. Dental clinic, metro station Narvskaya, 11 Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya st., direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44
  5. Dental clinic, metro station Prosveshenya Prospect, 33 housing 4 Khudozhnikov pr., direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44.
  6. Outpatient department, metro station Petrogradskaya , 102 lit.A Bolshoy pr. P.S., direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44.
  7. Outpatient department, metro station Zvezdnaya, 30,housing 2 Moskovskoe highway, direct line 8 (812) 600-00- 44.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our clinics!
Medical Centere Odont